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API Request Preview
Image of API Request Preview

Anything you create on BigML Dashboard, you can do the same with BigML API. Now BigML adds the feature of previewing an API request alongside the configuration of a resource creation on the Dashboard.

This essentially shows the users how to create the resource programmatically. It includes the endpoint of the REST API call and the JSON file that specifies the arguments that had been configured.

Find more information in the BigML Dashboard documentation.

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BigML in Chinese
Image of BigML in Chinese

The BigML Team is excited to release the BigML Dashboard in Chinese. Since its very beginning, BigML has strived to make Machine Learning Beautifully Simple for Everyone (机器学习美观简单人人用). Today our journey reached another milestone by allowing over 1 billion people to use the BigML platform in their native language.

You can watch this video to check out the BigML Dashboard in Chinese

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Image of Organizations

Machine Learning projects usually involve several members from different teams that need to work on the same project and/or visualize the same resources. Now, BigML offers organizations, a convenient collaborative workspace that makes your life easier and your work more efficient, where several users can work on the same projects from different accounts at different permission levels. Break down silos and let us help you to adopt Machine Learning across your entire corporate structure.

Create a new organization or learn more about it.

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Shared Resources Cloning
Image of Shared Resources Cloning

Now, you can easily clone datasets, models and scripts, from other users into your BigML account. Provided that a user shares a resource using the sharing link and the cloning capability is enabled, any other user with access to the link will be able to include this resource in their BigML account.

This new feature will allow you to fully use the shared resources. For example, when another user shares a dataset using the sharing link, it is in "view only" mode, so you can not perform any actions such as creating new models, exporting it, sampling it, etc. Now, by cloning it, you will be able to perform all BigML actions available for datasets.

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Dataset Comparison
Image of Dataset Comparison

This is another simple but useful application we have released into our new BigML Labs. It allows users to compare side by side two different datasets. Check it out here.

dataset winter2015 labs web
Sending Request...
Sending Request...